Adult Coloring Book Horror Land: Entrapment (Book 4) (Shah A. M.)(Paperback)

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Behind the 40/40 Gates of Horror, the 22 Girls of Terror have seduced and trapped their handsome Men of Misery. Dare to witness the female diva's slice and dice their prey as these hapless men quickly decompose into zombies, goblins, vampires, and beasts. Some girls suck blood. Some girls eat brains. The longer Horror Land traps the couples behind the 40/40 Gates of Horror, the longer the couples yearn for more blood, flesh, brains, and bones.Sit back, relax, and tune out as you color the 22 wicked diva's devour their cherry-picked victims. Each page has detailed images designed to relieve your stress while lighting your inner fire, as you get lost in this dark spirited love