Modern Chess Openings (Fine Reuben)(Paperback)

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This classic reference book on chess openings is an informative guide on the best attacking and defensive opening moves for keen chess players. Written in 1911 by successful British chess players, Richard Clewin Griffith and John Herbert White, Modern Chess Openings was most popular among English-speaking chess players. British chess champion, Harry Golombek OBE stated that the book was 'the first scientific study of openings in the twentieth century.' This is the sixth edition of Modern Chess Openings, first published in 1939 and edited by Reuben Fine. The previous year, Fine tied for first place in one of the 20th century's most famous chess tournaments, AVRO. Read & Co. Books is proud to have republished this high-quality edition of the classic chess reference guide. The volume is a must-read for chess players and those interested in the