The Flexible Sel Classroom: Practical Ways to Build Social Emotional Learning (Chandler Amber)(Paperback)

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Social emotional learning is more than just helping students be social. In this co-publication from Routledge and AMLE, Amber Chandler shows how middle and high school educators can be intentional about seeing their students for who they are, growing relationships, and building community. Grounded in classroom experience, Chandler's practical strategies can be adapted to suit different needs, so you can create a Flexible Classroom and reach all learners. Topics include encouraging academic risk-taking without fear of failure, helping students self-manage, teaching self-awareness, modeling responsible decision-making and empathy, building relationship skills, and emboldening students to become more socially aware. This updated second edition features new chapters on running Restorative Circles and focusing on resilience instead of deficit analysis. There is also a