Memoirs Of A Vagrant Soul Or The Pitted Face (Naimy Mikhail)(Pevná vazba)

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Memoirs Of A Vagrant Soul Or The Pitted Face is a book written by Mikhail Naimy. The book is a collection of personal memoirs that reflect on the author's life, experiences, and beliefs. The book is divided into various chapters, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of the author's life.The book begins with the author's childhood and his upbringing in a small village in Lebanon. The author describes his early years, his family, and his education. The author then moves on to discuss his travels and experiences, including his time spent in America and Europe.Throughout the book, the author reflects on his spiritual journey and his search for meaning and purpose in life. The author explores various philosophical and spiritual concepts, including the nature of reality, the meaning of existence, and the purpose of human life.The book is written in a poetic and reflective style, with